Highly creative, goal oriented, hardworking individual with over ten years in Audiovisual Production, Copywriting, Media and Administrative Support roles, passionate about taking up opportunities to make distinctive measurable impact and build a remarkable career in managing creativity and people.

Michael Ogochukwu Okwuike (K’MOS)

Michael Okwuike started out as a creative writer, creating stories that held audiences from prologues to the very last pages only to find himself in recording studios as he fanned his other passion (music), combining his writing and digital recording skills in creating radio and television commercials that connected company products and services to their consumers’ daily lives through effective content and compelling storytelling which greatly powered good increase in business sales.

By scripting radio and television ads he streamlines the minds of prospective consumers towards products and/or services to make them “live the product” and stay in the world of the brand. This passion and result oriented skills today births his Media Content Solutions outfit he calls La’Pen Media. He currently Heads the Content Department in Stream and Globe Broadcasting’s Wazobia Max/TV showing on DSTV Channel 259, GoTV Channel 98, Startimes Channel 195, MyTV Channel 17 and UHF Channel 57. He also anchors a live radio talk show called Tough Choices on Star FM 101.5 Lagos.

Michael is personable, excellence driven, avid about driving consumers’ decisions in favour of products he handles, and highly creative in weaving captivating stories around consumer products through ads content.

His writing skills, management experience, business sensibilities and personality affords him the opportunity of bringing fresh perspective, commitment and measurable effectiveness where mid-level management opportunities abound, to team with highly motivated others to achieve remarkable results.