Nneji Anthonia Chinasa is a graduate of Visual arts  (B.A Hons) from the University of Lagos in 2016. She hails from imo state, where her paternal forebears were traditional carvers and masquerade carriers. They carved figurines, masquerade masks and totems used for traditional festivals and worship.

Nneji Anthonia Chinasa – Painter

I am an impressionist painter moving towards expressionism, my art expresses freedom and boldness with bold strokes. Art for me isn’t about feminism or competition.

Art for me is didactic, a way of creating awareness and talking about sensitive issues affecting the society. Art is the only way I know how to communicate. I use my paintings to engage the intersection of physical and emotional breakdown, and also hold fragments together.
Most times, my figure paintings get mixed reactions because of the way I choose to portray my subjects which I am happy about.
Sometimes I link Art and medicine, turning my works into a ‘dibia’ for exploring healing and other times I link my art and emotions or reactions.
My paintings are done with vibrant colours, and I’m still exploring other mediums as I am a fulltime studio artist and protege under famous painter, Mr Wallace Davies Ejoh.
I love freedom as can be seen in the use of heavy brush strokes in my paintings.
I hate restrictions, I hate being slow.