Song Title: LOWO….!

My name is Adejumo Olawale, I was born in  02/02/1991 in Ashipa street  Eleyele Ibadan as 6th position in my family , I’m so talented  doing things.

when I was at age of 8 years like playing talking drum in the church of God and been in position of leader by composing Christian songs  for choirs whenever we are  in rehearsal though I was so small in stature but they used to heard and make used of  my donation cause they gained a lot in it.

What inspired me in music most especially the new hit that I  just dropped LOWO was just that I believe in myself and I’m 100% gallant in doing anything Hip Hop music because it is the talent that I brought from heaven, and the second  reason why I dropped LOWO is just that both rich and poor people always make complain but to me I think that’s not the next thing for people to be doing, but all we have to do  is just to be thanking God every time for his protection because he’s the one that owned money and our lives.

So that’s what inspired me to make the song LOWO be heard by people out there to know all what I’m talking about and how to thank their creator.


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